Pappy James’ Southpaw Beard Oil


Pappy James’ Southpaw is the right beard oil for the average beard.  Leading with the right hand and battling with the left, this product is just right for the tough situation of neither too dry or too oily.  The right for your beard with just the correct combination of hydration, nourishment and conditioning for you.



Pappy James’ Southpaw Beard Oil is the newest Beard Oil in Pappy’s line.  It includes the premier beard oils available on the web or in stores, put together with a superior manly fragrance for your beard.  It nourishes your normal skin and beard with these superior oils.
Pappy James’ Southpaw Beard Oil is leading with the right and best beard oil in the business.  Created in the same line of other tried and tested and unrivaled barber beard oils, Southpaw is the newest in the line of Pappy’s great Beard Oils.  Ingredients include Safflower, Sunflower, Grape and/or Rice Bran, Coconut, Nutmeg and Argan oils and of course Pappy James’ unique manly fragrance.


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